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If you are a true Taylor Swift’s fan then you must know that this pop star is not an easy piece to swallow. She is modern, talented, versatile and rich. Her music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” completely spiced up the media and news.

The video has many different types of shots but the one that got all the attention was when Taylor Swift soaked herself into a bathtub full of diamonds. Well, it sounds a little odd but the star shot a scene where she has to sit in a bathtub full of real Chocolate Diamonds® and jewels worth more than $10 million. It has been reported that all the diamonds were real during the iconic shot. Also, there were many other real jewels too like diamond chokers, rings, and necklaces. After the video got launched, the scene with the bathtub filled with diamonds became the most eye-catching scene in the history of all Swift’s songs.

Initially when the song came out people thought this music track might look a little similar to Kim Kardashian’s diss track which she made for her Ex-husband when she got divorced. However, she faced a traumatic Paris robbery where her jewels were robbed. But Swift’s used more jewels in the video and spent a Manhattan apartment’s worth of money on diamonds. It’s not a joke but this pop star is fancy and knows how to gain attention. Her producer asked her to use cash instead of precious jewels but Taylor persuaded to shell out all the diamonds to score temporary freebies.

When the video came out, people started making speculations about the diamonds used in the music video. They speculated that the diamonds were fake or the makers used costume jewelry. However, Neil Lane was the one who told Page Six that he offered Taylor Swift to use his unprecedented collection. The celebrity jeweler confirmed by stating his jewelry was featured in the music video ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. He said that he had to rush to the vault to get all the type of jewelry required for the video. The music producer asked for the shiniest, glamorous and extraordinary Chocolate Diamonds® and jewels for the bathtub scene. While being interviewed, Neil said that the scene turned out beautifully and his diamonds have never looked better.

The video was a success however the fans were really curious about the reason why Taylor went for the idea of soaking herself into a bathtub of diamonds. Though the tragedy that happened with Kim Kardashian on her video, it was a lesson to all. But the pop star explained why she chose diamonds over other things. She said it’s good to take some bold moves. The star cleverly explained that people must have seen her perpetually crying in her marble bathtub in some of her previous music videos but nobody has thought about a diamond bath. It was an exciting thing to do said Taylor before finishing the interview.