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Nobody now is unknown to the idea of chocolate diamonds. Shiny, unique and affordable, chocolate diamond jewelry has become most favorite ornament to carry for women. We commonly classify diamond as the white diamonds that comes with their unmatchable shine as well as heavy dent on the pocket. Many people were not aware with the idea of different colored diamonds before Le Vian Corporation introduced chocolate diamonds.

Let’s break a fact: chocolate diamonds are not made of chocolate. They are brown, or cognac colored diamonds which are found in many nations of the world. Le Vian extracts their diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia mostly. Chocolate diamonds is a marketing slogan given to these diamonds by Le Vian Corporation. To be honest, Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds speak for themselves. But you must be wondering diamonds have been there forever, what’s the newly created hype for chocolate diamond jewelry now?

A simple answer to this question is: UNIQUENESS! An increasing number of women are opting for chocolate diamond jewelry because of its uniqueness and the charisma attached to it. Le Vian was the first company to introduce bespoke and intricate chocolate jewelry designs and ever since, women are going gaga over it.

Why is chocolate diamond different?

Unlike other white diamonds, chocolate diamonds are cheaper. Although rare, they come in a much lesser price than other diamonds. A chocolate diamond can be found both naturally as well as artificially. Artificial chocolate diamonds, like diamonds of other colors, are man-made in a laboratory. Because of its unique color and Le Vian’s creative yet stunning custom-made deigns, chocolate diamonds have become the preferred choice of women all across the globe.

What is the reason of all the hype?

Since Le Vian is considered an exquisite brand of diamonds, their chocolate diamond jewelry competes to none in finish, quality and aesthetics. They come up with eye-catching jewelry designs that are not only pleasing to the eye but also cost much less. This marks as an important reason why people are opting for brown diamonds for their engagement and wedding. This way they can keep the diamond promise without costing a hefty amount.

What’s special about Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry?

Nowadays, people are choosing chocolate diamond jewelry for their casual use, party use, engagement, wedding, etc. This is because the designs created by Le Vian Corporation are stunning, delicate, different and aesthetically pleasing. Le Vian achieve this perfection by doing a strict quality check on the diamonds. To qualify as a chocolate diamond, these gems must fulfil certain color standards and must possess excellent cut and clarity.

Where can I get chocolate diamond jewelry from?

Want a stunning chocolate diamond jewelry piece to add extravagance to your look? Get it from the experts themselves. Le Vian has jewelry design that will leave you awe-stricken. Our team puts in a lot of effort in ensuring that our customers get only highest quality diamond that is a beauty to the eye forever.