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Chocolate Diamond® jewelry is an excellent addition to any outfit. Not only does it add style, but it also gives distinction and glamor to your look. The selections and combinations are present in a wide variety, with Chocolate Diamond® earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. These can be worn separately or together. Since there are many options of styles to suit all kinds of outfits for different personalities these are the perfect accessories to choose.


Diamond bracelets can be worn individually or stacked together same band. They can also be a blend of different types of bands and designs. This helps to develop a tailored look with any kind of clothes.  Some bracelets look best by themselves, and some mix well with synchronized jewelry pieces. Some Chocolate Diamond® bracelets are unique in style, and others fall into general categories of diamond bracelets. The following are the most common types of bracelets available.


Chocolate Diamond® Studded Bracelet

No one can refuse diamonds. They are considered to be prized jewels. Chocolate Diamond® studded bracelets on top of a white base can be just the masterpiece you need in your collection. Besides being less expensive than translucent diamonds, they also cannot be matched for their shine, cuts and brilliance of color. These are seamless as evening wear accessories.


Classic Tennis Bracelet

A classic tennis bracelet is the most compliant diamond accessory anyone can own. A customary Chocolate Diamond® tennis bracelet can range from a simple four prong setting, bezel or channel design. It is flexible in design and easy to accessorize. Besides the beautiful display of Chocolate Diamonds® the bands are usually adjustable in length. To make the right choice you’ll want to look at the diamonds carefully with the naked eye or using high resolution imagery.


Infinity Sign Bracelet

These magnificent looking ornaments can will be sure to get you attention. The sign infinity signifies being unbounded and these are part of the infinity series. The charm is evidently the highlight of these bracelets. These stunning looking bracelets can be a thin band with a placement of decorative Chocolate Diamonds® or can be a thick one with many diamonds for that added sheen and spark.


Charm Bracelet

A diamond charm bracelet is composed of metal links and small set stones. The links are the edifice of the bracelet and make up the whole length of the chain.  Charms are then attached to the links and hang off the bracelet.  Any shape or object can be made into a charm, and some popular choices are flowers, hearts and initials, usually made from Chocolate Diamonds®.  A charm may be made entirely of the diamonds, or may comprise a pivotal point in the charm, such as the middle of a flower or the eye of an animal. Chocolate Diamonds® may also be found as part of the bracelet itself.


Filigree Bracelet

This is a dreamy, antique take on a Chocolate Diamond® bracelet. Skillfully woven filigree scattered with glittering diamonds is a modest, archetypal look that is still desired today. Filigree is lovely on its own, but totally enthralling when paired with some Chocolate Diamonds®. The filigree bracelet can be elegant or casual, and offers an exceptional boost to any look.