Search Engine Marketing can be quite beneficial for your overall digital marketing strategy. This B2B marketing statistic tells us so:  81% of the purchase cycle starts with a search engine search. By employing the best practices of SEM and hiring an SEM agency, you can benefit from this.


Content Optimization

Optimization of content begins with the basics first: your website page copy. It is the first thing people see, and has to be optimized accordingly. Include relevant and educational digital marketing content. Remember, the B2B market consists of more educated and knowledgeable people than B2C market. Avoid spending your budget on opinionated content.

Consider this from Lenati:  67% of the typical B2B buyer’s journey is now done digitally, and 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say online content has a moderate to major effect on their purchasing decisions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Avoid wasting hard earned leads by applying CRO. In the SEM marketing funnel, conversion of leads is the last and crucial step – imagine going through all that toil to acquire a lead only to lose it in the end. With CRO activities such as A/B testing, heat maps, customer surveys, and acquisition tactics, you can important design changes to your website that correspond to positive user behavior.

Website Maintenance

Google is notorious for penalizing websites; an unmaintained website is one of the reasons. Technical errors such as a slow loading speed, broken links, errors in JavaScript, will automatically impact SEO and consequently conversions. A healthy and looked after site on the other hand has a direct relation with positive search performance and usability.

Quality Link building

Link building is necessary for credibility, and credibility is beneficial in any market; let it be B2B or B2C. Quality inbound links will improve your standing in the eyes of search engines and automatically give you a higher ranking. Higher ranking equates to better visibility, and more leads.

Paid Search Campaign

A paid search campaign such as PPC can be excellent for providing your B2B website the instant it needs. Coupled with a good SEO marketing strategy, you can give your competitors a run for their money.
When bidding for term in paid search campaigns, bear in mind to bid for keywords relevant to your website; do not follow the popularity bandwagon alone. If your search results do not interest the user, there will be no lead conversion – that’ll be a click wasted and a lost opportunity.


In the end, when all is said and done, an analysis of all your tactics is necessary. Doing so will show you exactly what is working, and what needs to stopped immediately so that you can focus your SEM efforts and resources where they will bear fruit.

About 75% of businesses face problems in finding expertise to help them optimize landing page copy. If your business is one of these, contact a digital marketing service or a digital marketing specialist right away. An SEM agency will also be invaluable.