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The Duke of Sussex designed a beautiful ring back in 2017 featuring two diamonds from his mum Princess Diana’s collection and one from Botswana. He designed this beautiful ring for his beloved wife Megan Markle.

Two years ago when Prince Harry was interviewed from where he got the inspiration to design jewelry, he spoke how selective he is when it comes to buying a ring. He explained the ring he designed had light brown Chocolate Diamonds® because that’s his wife’s favorite diamond to wear. The main stone on the ring was the one from Botswana where he does a lot of charity work. And, the other two small Chocolate Diamonds® on each side were from his mother’s jewelry collection as a blessing on their relationship.

Meghan called it ‘incredible’ as she appreciated Harry for all his wonderful effort and thoughtfulness for using his mother, Princess Diana’s diamonds for designing a stunning ring.

However, the recent pictures of the Duchess of Sussex show that the ring has more diamonds as it looks significantly changed.

It seems that Meghan Markle has redesigned her beautiful engagement ring that Prince Harry gave her. The ring appears to have more Chocolate Diamonds® and it’s now more glitzy. Instead of thickening the gold band, the Duchess decided to add more diamonds that sits perfectly on a much thinner micropavé band. It seems like it happened a while ago but the royal fans just got to know when they had their son’s first royal photo-shoot in which she was completely sowing off the newly designed.

Media has been guessing that when she got her ring redesigned. Though the news is still not true the assumptions being made said she was spotted without the ring a couple of times during the last few months of her pregnancy so it could have been done then.

These assumptions were made because before her trimester, Meghan was never spotted without her engagement ring. She always wears her engagement ring alongside her wedding ring (exclusively designed from her husband) made by Welsh gold (known as a traditional jewelry maker for the royal woman).

After the rumors got out, the jeweler was interviewed who explained how difficult it was to create a channel pave to add more diamonds. He said these kinds of complex alterations require fine skills and craftsmanship to change the band to something more delicate like a pave setting.

Also, he further discussed the reason why Meghan did not wear her engagement ring during her trimester. He said the ring was an absolute match to her eternity band but due to her swollen fingers in the last stages, she wasn’t able to wear it.

Meghan was all over the news for redesigning her engagement ring, however, she is not the only royal one to redesign jewelry. Camilla and the Duchess of Cambridge have also made changes on the pieces from the royal family’s collection to give it a modern look.