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The Internet of Things is a web of devices that are physical devices that have been modified with sensors, software, and such. These devices can exchange data and can be accessed through the internet.

The types of objects that can be connected to IoT are incredible. From home appliances to self-driving cars IoT is a hub of opportunities. Objects of almost any and every size can be connected to this network.

These smart IoT products really give credence to the statement, “the future is here”.

Smart ceiling fans and lights

As one would expect from a smart ceiling fan, this turns on and off as individuals enter or exit the room. What really is amazing about this fan, it adjusts its speed according to the humidity and temperature around it. For greater efficiency, these fans can be integrated with other IoT products like Amazon Echo for a better control.

Smart minivan

A sequel to the automated vehicles, smart minivans is the future of carpooling. Technology like cameras and motion sensors allow these minivans to drive without human aid. Social media integrations and such could help people carpool without the hassle of coordinating over a mobile phone call.

Beds that monitor you in sleep

Many people have sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea but have absolutely no clue. Diagnosing these sleeping disorders can be difficult especially if you sleep alone.
Something right out of an urban fantasy novel, smart beds, could perhaps provide invaluable insight into an individual’s sleep cycle by continuously storing data and analyzing it. These beds could record things like heartbeat, breathing, and even how much the person shifts around.

The oven that cooks for you

This IoT connected oven doesn’t exactly cook, but it most definitely does the lion’s share of work. With sensors that can detect and analyze ingredients, this oven can determine the cooking time for foods. A decade ago, grandmothers couldn’t have fathomed even in their wildest dreams that careful monitoring of food could be replaced by an automated machine. Or Jane, her granddaughter, could watch the pie bake from the living room on her mobile phone.

The food printer

At the risk of sounding far-fetched, the very near future holds the possibility of printing food. Not available yet, these machines offer to print complex foods. These could be used to aid difficult and painstaking processes involved in the preparation of certain delicacies. A machine has more precision than a human, after all.

Furthermore, these could also assist in printing foods containing essential nutrients for famine-stricken areas.

Keyless locks

With the promise of eliminating bulky key chains from lives, this IoT device work through mobile phones to lock and unlock doors. Features such as notifications that let users know if the door has been left unlocked, make this device a safe and secure solution to an age-old problem.