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We are living in a time where nearly everybody uses mobile devices, from seniors to toddlers. Mobile devices have made app integral part of our lives, the market for mobile applications has become huge… However, not all applications are always downloaded or used – Due to high competition in the industry.

To launch your own mobile app and beat those hundred similar apps out there – you need great marketing.

For couple of weeks after the launch of the mobile app, downloads usually increase. However, those results are temporary, if your marketing and app community efforts are not up to the mark.

You need to create a long term mobile app marketing plan and today this is what we are here for –to enlighten you with the pre and post launch tactics.


Pre-launch Phase

  1. Pre-Launch Marketing

Just after transforming your app concept in to fully functional design, you should think about marketing it. Without ado, know who your users are, how and why should they download your app.

Marketing in early phases can create eagerness, people are curious, they love to know about the newest app on the market.

Few studies by Google demonstrated that only 40% of mobile users search for apps via app store while the rest gain awareness about the app via blogs, YouTube videos, tutorials etc.

So, there is a huge place to play when you start planning your marketing.


  1. Potential Customer Engagement

Only those apps are downloaded that meet design and functionality needs of the users. Therefore, feedback on the app should be taken throughout the creation process.

Engaging potential customers during app development process enable you meet people’s expectations eventually leading to success. Use tools to gauge industry leaders, they will help you connect with the industry.

Mobile App Marketing

  1. Blogging

Today, when it comes to online information sharing, blogging is considered one of the effective marketing tool.  Start a blog as soon as your website is up and don’t forget to update it on regular basis. Sharing process related information and experience will engage readers and built interest.


  1. Teaser Release

Just talking about the app isn’t enough, after a time people would want to see things themselves. Efficient usage of teasers can turn people’s interest into excitement. Screenshots of the apps, video promos can do a great job!


  1. Press Kit & Launch Material

Prelaunch preparation is very important, you need to fully prepare yourself. Before any app launch you need to have fully functional website, promo demonstrating key features of the app and part of content like blog post or press release.

For reviews and feedback on the app, reach out to bloggers and influencers.


You are not done yet…


 Post Launch Phase

  1. Customer Feedback

The ranking of the app is often based on the value and popularity of the app.  Therefore, you should definitely have a plan for getting customer feedback, more feedback means more downloads.  Don’t ignore unhappy customer, always respond to their queries at your best.


  1. App Reviews

Market your app by submitting it on video channels and blogs, it will help in the review. You can create a demonstration app or a start a YouTube Channel to show working of the app answering related issues.



  1. App Optimization

You should make sure your app is optimized for the people who download it by searching on the app store. Usage of well-structured and well research keywords will lead to guaranteed success.

Efficient usage of search ads will get your downloads up. Improvement in app visibility at perfect timing can drive downloads really well.


Stand Out

App Market is full of mobile applications, standing out among the competition is important for your app survival in the market. Follow mentioned steps and attain guaranteed success!